Gazing Ball Urns

Our product is manufactured with top quality materials that are made to withstand the weather and other outdoor conditions.  The urn is one half inch thick, non-biodegradable, water tight, shatter-proof and UV protected.  Each urn is 26 inches round, 9 inches tall and weighs 4 pounds empty.  The bottom is a flat, screw on lid with a rubber O ring nestled inside.  The lid provides a stable base for secure placement on any flat surface.  It can also rest atop a gazing ball stand, nestle into any garden area, or sit on the steps of your porch.  Wherever there is a flat surface or a place to be nestled, the Gazing Ball Urn will sit and stay.

The second purpose of the flat screw on lid is for ease of access.  In case you are not sure of what the future holds for your loved one's ashes and his or her family members, the lid can be removed to access the ashes.  Someone, someday, may change their mind about how the ashes should be cared for, or decide that they would like to add ashes to a different memorial, or even decide to scatter them.  No worries with this urn.  On the other hand, you may also want to permanently seal the lid with a plastic bonding agent from your local hardware store.  We have tried to consider every scenario.

You can choose a pattern from our ever growing gallery or have your Gazing Ball Urn custom painted by one of our artists.  You can choose a very personal color, such as his or her favorite team colors, or a more discrete pattern that adds beauty to your outdoor space.  

Your Gazing Ball Urn Is large enough to hold the ashes and items of endearment.  Write a note.  Include a memorable token of your love, or simply seal it with a kiss.  Your options are as endless as your loving memories.

Our family enjoys the daily reminder of our loved ones as we peer out from our kitchen window to our garden. "Hey, Mom."  "We miss you so much."  "Thank you for loving us and continuing to watch over us."  "Hi Brutus."  "You were the best dog ever."  "We miss you sweet boy."  The round exterior of the urn was purposely designed for embracing in your lap, the tender touch of your whole hand, or a moment of nestling against your cheek.  

We understand.  We made the Gazing Ball Urns with love, honor, and closeness in mind.

Sincerely, and in Deepest Sympathy for Your Loss,

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Jr.


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